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A combination of designer name and surname, was born the name of VELIZANCE. The collections of the VELIZANCE jewel brand strive to offer a variety of design and trend jewels. The use of materials such as silver, gold, semi-precious stones and quality finishes make it a premium product. Elisabeth Vervin the designer is behind this new full force and eccentricity brand.Founded in 2009, she juggles between a graphic style and a sleek line from her contemporary inspirations. The VELIZANCE woman like to accessorize chic and casual outfits with a character jewel. Historically the Velizance woman will stand out by this originality.

With a constant attention to detail, each VELIZANCE jewel is very carefully made in combination with manual creation and also new technologies in order to offer a quality up to the brand's image. Velizance mainly offers high-end silver jewelry positioned. Because in the details it finds that sublimated beauty, each creation bears the brand logo to be identifiable by any


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Showing 1 - 1 of 1 item